5-7 Magazine

The 5-7 Magazine, one of the cut Attachments in The End.

This page lists all of the content that was previously confirmed or found in the game's files, but not directly implemented.




The M-14A1 was originally a civilian variant of the M-14. It had a brighter wood body, and was semi-automatic compared to the M-14 which was automatic at the time. The developers took away the M-14s automatic ability, and chose it over the M-14A1 as the variant to be kept. All of the weapon's files still remain in-game and can be added in with player mods.

The M-14A1 also used to be called the M-14A, but this was changed in an update released shortly after the M-14A1 was added to the game.



The game concept originally included having the user find magazines as well as ammunition for weapons, but play testers often found it tedious and generally un-fun to have to find magazines before loading guns.

5-7 MagazineEdit

The 5-7 magazine was fully working by the time the magazine system was scrapped, but all of the content files still remain in the game, and can be hacked in to work as an attachment. Because the system of magazine attachments was deleted, the icon will hover over the barrel attachment slot, and adding the magazine will increase the weapon's capacity by 20. Strangely, the 5-7 magazine's attachment file overrides the first-person and world model's magazine, so it will appear to be an empty magazine the entire time.

Desert Magnum MagazineEdit

Code in the attachments folders and in the Desert Magnum's files make a few references to the magazine for it. A corrupted and unviewable RVMat file for the magazine still exists, under the name "Deagle Ref.rvm'.

M9 MagazineEdit

The M9A1's weapon and attachment folders make a total of four references to its' magazine. However, there is a section detailing a supposed extended magazine, which would increase the capacity from 15 (+1) to 30 (+1). The developers later confirmed that the M9A1 was supposed to have a normal magazine and extended magazine.

Type 95 MagazineEdit

Although no direct references to a specific magazine file exist, the Type 95's attachments folder does include a partial script for loading ammo into the magazine. This was probably kept to test ammunition loading animations.